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About Asmita Barot

Driven and passionate about her work, Asmita Barot is a highly experienced commercial real estate professional with over seven years of experience in the industry. A hard worker with integrity, Asmita currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of BAROT Capital, LLC, a commercial mortgage company based in Chattanooga, TN.

Financing and advisory services in commercial real estate

As a commercial real estate professional, Asmita regularly deals with financing, particularly in commercial real estate loans. Throughout her years in the industry, she has spent hours underwriting and originating commercial real estate loans to help her clients achieve their goals.

Aside from underwriting and originating commercial real estate loans, Asmita also:

  • Provides advisory services for commercial real estate owners, investors, and lenders;
  • Involves herself in restructuring debt by developing and negotiating throughout the process, specifically for securitized mortgages;
  • Evaluates portfolios of commercial real estate loans to give proper and accurate advise on loan acquisitions;
  • Recommends asset management plans;
  • Determines current portfolio risk for lenders;
  • Analyzes current and projected cash flow and value, borrower strength, property- and market-level risks, capital structure, and loan structure to provide recommendations for disposition for mortgages and debt;
  • Estimates current market value of real estate collaterals through proper evaluation of market conditions, taking into factor trends for rents, occupancy, sales prices, and more.

Over the past ten years, Asmita has earned plenty of experiences that helps her get the job done with integrity and accuracy. She’s the ideal person to talk to, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in the commercial real estate industry. Her educational background backs up her prowess as well, having graduated from the H.L. College of Commerce in Gujarat University, India, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance.

A taste for travel and culture

During her down time, Asmita likes to spend quality time with her family and friends, play golf, read books, and expand her professional network. She also loves to travel to international destinations, which is helpful since Asmita also enjoys studying foreign languages.

Hard-working, goal-oriented, and approachable, Asmita Barot is one commercial real estate professional you want by your side to help you realize your real estate goals.

For more information, contact Asmita Barot directly at 423-208-2548. You can also reach her through her office phone, 423-498- 2500.